A dynamic platform for friends and family to send a student's favorite delicacies from their local college-town restaurants AND national merchants - all delivered to a dorm or doorstep!

Consumers can gift food to others or order for themselves, all while receiving valuable

BITECOINTM rewards, redeemable at any participating merchant.


Food becomes the ultimate form of social currency that is devoured by college kids across the USA!

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College consumers are some of the most frequent users of food delivery apps.  They also live

on social media and are unabashedly candid about the foods and places they like.


FEED U. allows users to register their favorites meals, munchies, snacks and places on campus,

from home or around the country for "food friends" to use as a guide.

Whether it’s ordering for yourself, sending a friend dessert to put a smile on her face,

gifting your buddy a burger from his favorite spot or parents sending their kid a comforting meal

for the upcoming exam, FEED U. provides "food hugs" that leave a lasting and satiating impact.   

The recipient of a food order will receive a notification they've been "fed", and then can accept the order

or reschedule it for a different day.


  • Customers earn or can purchase BITECOINSTM  tthat can be applied to future purchases from any participating FEED U. merchant or used to make donations to specific charities. 


  • Parents can purchase monthly, occasion-based (birthdays, exams, graduations, etc.) or annual plans (sent out automatically) – and can select the food based on their child’s preferences. 


  • Gift cards can be purchased in lieu of food from specific restaurants that can be applied to future purchases.            

  • Proceeds from each sale will go towards local food-related charities.

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Helping merchants generate incremental revenue (with fast payouts) by engaging a broad, hungry and coveted customer base. 


  • Merchants join for free to have their establishment included (no monthly fees). 

  • Economically friendly structure, allowing merchants to set their own prices. 

  • Orders are received via kitchen-friendly tickets that are easily processed. 


  • Local merchants receive complementary tablets (not required) to process orders. 

  • Local merchants are required to handle their own delivery. Alternatively, they could offer pickup or carry-out. 


  • Merchants that ship nationally receive email notifications when an order is placed and can utilize their current shipping process.


  • All participating merchants will benefit from extensive and free exposure on the app, including marketing, social media mentions, etc.

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FEED U. is represented on participating campuses by student Ambassadors who have the opportunity

to be part of an exciting, innovative and fast-growing tech company.

  • Ambassadors are tasked with securing user downloads of the app and signing up

new restaurants from their campus onto the app. 


  • Ambassadors receive excellent compensation, free merchandise and invaluable experience!


  • To launch FEED U. on a college campus or to become an Ambassador on

an existing FEED U. campus, students can apply via email:

Cream Cheese and Lox Bagel
Interested in having your restaurant featured on FEED U? We'd love to hear from you!
Be part of our dynamic, fast-growing food/tech venture that engages a
highly-coveted, broad and always hungry audience.